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The Institute Of Science

Royal Institute of Science
Vision and Mission
To be premier Institute, providing students with value added higher education in a dynamic environment where today’s students meet tomorrow’s opportunities.
• To strive for excellence in academic and non-academic fields in order to match global standards.
• To prepare outstanding educators, scholars and researchers and to advance education through research in Science and art of teaching and learning.
• To work towards advancement of the knowledge base through research by under taking research in basic, applied and interdisciplinary Sciences. 
• To empower students through education to make them strong, self reliant, responsible and secular human beings, professionals’ citizens, so that they chart out their own path of success and possess perfection in their endeavors.
• To foster Regional, National and Global competencies among the students. 
• To ensure that every student of Institute becomes an Achiever.


The Department exists since 1920. The department is headed by stlwarts like Dr. Masani professor Huzurbazar and Professor V.V. Rane.
Curently Anil pedgaonkar  is the head of the department. 
Anil pedgaonkar works in the area of henstock urzweil integration and he has developed several computer programs for numerical Analysis available on his web page. he has published two  research papers.
Dr. Selby jose is a faculty of the department. he works i the area of cmutative algebra. he has international publications in this area.
Ms. Sangita Joshi works in algebra and discrete mathematics .
Besides the department  usually visiting faculty  many experts and experienced teachers .
Some notable names who worked as a visting faculty are Dr,. Pablo, Dr.. Aithal , Dr.. kaushik, Dr. A.S Pandit , Dr. M.S. Bakre ( from university Department ) and Dr. Santosh Sehnde, Dr. nithya sainarayana from afflilitated colleges.

The department enocurages students to take part in computer programing and computer related activities.
The lecture program is geared towards the needs of student and detailed set of notes is provided.
Results are very impressive. In 2011 April out of a batch of 34 students, two obtained distinction 10, obtained first class, and around 10 students obtaineed second class Result was about 80%. In 2010 two students obtained distinction. Result was 60%.In April 2009 one student obtained distinction 11 students obtained first clas and toatl 29 students passed from a batch of 32 students. Almost every student obtained atleast second class. rDepartment has excellent computing facilty with around 40 desktops and laptops. In addition department possess two interactive panels and two LCD projectors and computerized notes are supplied to students.
Three students of the Department have passed set examination in last 8 yaers .The department has organized two conferences in 21st century. one on number theory in year 2001 and one on commutative algebra in 2009.
Lectures by eminent indian and international mathematicians and teachers of the department on various advanced aspects are organized from time to time.

Head Of Department