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The Institute Of Science

Royal Institute of Science
Vision and Mission
To be premier Institute, providing students with value added higher education in a dynamic environment where today’s students meet tomorrow’s opportunities.
• To strive for excellence in academic and non-academic fields in order to match global standards.
• To prepare outstanding educators, scholars and researchers and to advance education through research in Science and art of teaching and learning.
• To work towards advancement of the knowledge base through research by under taking research in basic, applied and interdisciplinary Sciences. 
• To empower students through education to make them strong, self reliant, responsible and secular human beings, professionals’ citizens, so that they chart out their own path of success and possess perfection in their endeavors.
• To foster Regional, National and Global competencies among the students. 
• To ensure that every student of Institute becomes an Achiever.

Golden Jubilee Trust

The Institute of Science Golden Jubilee Trust was established on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Institute in 1971. The trust is being operated by a Board of Trustees who are the alumni of the Institute and have achieved position of distinction in industry or education. The trust sponsors scientific programs, research projects, seminars and also supports the participation of staff and students of the Institute in scientific conferences. The trust also organizes annual Professor B. C. Haldar Memorial Lectures by eminent personalities in the specified fields of chemistry, environmental studies or higher education. Some of the past Haldar Memorial Lectures are as follows:

Date Speaker Title of the Talk
August 30, 1984 Dr. S.Z. Qasim
Dept. of Ocean development
Chemical Studies in Antarcita
February 18, 1986 Prof. C.N.R.Rao
Director, I.I.Sc.,
Excellence in Science
February 27,1991 Padma Bhushan
Prof. B.M. Udgaonkar
Sr. Professor, TIFR
Problems & Perspectives in Higher Education
  Prof. M.M.Sharma
Director , U.D.C.T.
Some Landmark Innovations in Chemical  Industries
September 20,1996 Dr. D. Biswas Institutional Mechanism for Pollution Control
September 21, 1996 Prof. R.C. Mehrotra
Ex-Vice Chancellor,
University of Delhi
Molecular Design of HeteroMetallic Alkoxides : Precursors for Ceramic Materials by SolGel Process
  Dr. A.V. Ramarao Anti-cancer Compounds
January 31.1998 Dr. R.A. Mashelkar
Director General, CSIR
Borderless Science New Challenges
August 31,1998 Dr. Anil Kakodkar
Director, BARC
Synergy in Scientific research : Universities & national Laboratories
February 28, 2002 Prof. V.N. Rajasekharan
Director, NAAC
Revamping of Education and Research in Fundamental Sciences in Indian Universities

Present Committee

Chief Trustee
     Prof. A. D. Sawant

Managing Trustee
     Prof. (Dr.) B. G. Kulkarni

Member Secretary
    Dr. (Mrs.) Bhavita Chavan

    Dr. K. B. Bhise
    Dr. A. V. Sapre
    Dr. D. V. Prabhu