Government of Maharashtra

The Institute Of Science

Royal Institute of Science
Vision and Mission
To be premier Institute, providing students with value added higher education in a dynamic environment where today’s students meet tomorrow’s opportunities.
• To strive for excellence in academic and non-academic fields in order to match global standards.
• To prepare outstanding educators, scholars and researchers and to advance education through research in Science and art of teaching and learning.
• To work towards advancement of the knowledge base through research by under taking research in basic, applied and interdisciplinary Sciences. 
• To empower students through education to make them strong, self reliant, responsible and secular human beings, professionals’ citizens, so that they chart out their own path of success and possess perfection in their endeavors.
• To foster Regional, National and Global competencies among the students. 
• To ensure that every student of Institute becomes an Achiever.

Staff List

Dr. A.S. Khemnar

Dr. Varsha K. Vaidya              Associate Professor  & Head

Dr. S. J. Khan                          Associate Professor & Coordinator
Mr. Girish Jamnekar          Assistant Professor

Botany Department
Dr. V.D. Mendhulkar               Professor & Head
Dr. S.J. Khan                           Associate Professor
Dr. Sakshi Chaubal                  Associate Professor
Dr. Aparna Saraf                     Associate Professor
Dr. Rajesh Raut                       Assistant Professor
Chemistry Department
Dr. Ravibabu Tayade               Associate Professor & Head
Dr. Ratnamala Sonawane         Associate Professor
Dr. Yuvraj Malghe                   Associate Professor
Dr. Raju Patil                           Associate Professor
Dr. Gayatri Barabde                 Associate Professor
Dr. Vandana Kamble               Associate Professor
Dr. Sushama Ambadekar         Assistant Professor
Mr. Sahebrao Kashid               Assistant Professor
Mr. Bhimrao Patil                    Assistant Professor
Environmental Science Department
Dr. Sushilkumar Chaudhari     Associate Professor & Coordinator
Mathematics Department
Mr. Anil Pedgaonkar                Associate Professor & Head
Dr. Selby Jose                          Associate Professor
Mrs. Sangita V. Joshi               Associate Professor
Physis Department
Dr. Ajay Chaudhari                 Professor & Head
Dr. Rohidas kale                      Associate Professor
Dr. Shrinivas kulkarni              Associate Professor
Dr. Pravin More                       Associate Professor
Mr. Jayvant Patil                      Assistant Professor
Dr. Atula Uday Patil                Assistant Professor
Microbiology Department
Dr. R.B.Vaidya                                    Associate Professor & Head
Dr. Varsha K. Vaidya              Associate Professor
Dr. Shilpa Sabnis                     Associate Professor
Dr. Rupendra Jadhav               Associate Professor
Mr. Rajendra Choure               Assistant Professor
Ms. Sangita Jangam                 Assistant Professor
Zoology Department
Dr. B.G. Kulkarni                    Professor & Head
Dr. Ashok  Manekar                Associate Professor
Dr. Varsha Andhare                 Associate Professor
Dr. Sushilkumar Chaudhari     Associate Professor
Dr. Alka Chougale                   Associate Professor
Dr. Bhavita Chavan                 Assistant Professor
Dr. Vinayak Parab                   Assistant Professor