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The Institute Of Science

Royal Institute of Science
Vision and Mission
To be premier Institute, providing students with value added higher education in a dynamic environment where today’s students meet tomorrow’s opportunities.
• To strive for excellence in academic and non-academic fields in order to match global standards.
• To prepare outstanding educators, scholars and researchers and to advance education through research in Science and art of teaching and learning.
• To work towards advancement of the knowledge base through research by under taking research in basic, applied and interdisciplinary Sciences. 
• To empower students through education to make them strong, self reliant, responsible and secular human beings, professionals’ citizens, so that they chart out their own path of success and possess perfection in their endeavors.
• To foster Regional, National and Global competencies among the students. 
• To ensure that every student of Institute becomes an Achiever.


The post-graduate courses leading to M. Sc. degree (by papers) and M.Sc. (By Research) of the University of Mumbai, are conducted at this Institute in the following subjects.
Science graduates of the University of Mumbai and  other recognized Universities, who have secured at least Second Class are eligible for admission to the M. Sc. Course in the respective discipline.
Admissions  for all the seats in each subject are done at the Institute, only in accordance with the norms and rules of the University and the Government. 

Subjects Specialization Total number of seats
Biochemistry   16 16
Biotechnology   20 20

Molecular Biology, Cytogenetic & Biotechnology, Environmental Botany, Plant Physiology & Biochemistry

20 20
Chemistry  Physical, Inorganic, Organic,   Analytical 80 80
Environmental Science                                                    20 20
Mathematics Algebra  ,  Numerical  Analysis  ,
Computing integration theory, Discrete Mathematics
40 40
Microbiology   16 16
Physics Solid State Physics, Solid State Electronics, Electronics-Microprocessors & Computers (E-1)
Electronics-Electronics & Communication (E-2)
40 40
Zoology Endocrinology, Oceanography, Fishery & Aquaculture 20 20
Application forms for admission
The prospectus along with the application form will be available in the office at the cost of Rs.100/-, payable in cash. The application form duly filled, accompanied by a DD/ pay order, drawn on any bank, payable at Mumbai, for Rs.200/-(for Rs 300/- in case of downloaded forms) in favor of “Director, The Institute of Science, Mumbai” should be submitted on or before the last date, which is announced separately. The students paying the admission fees a week before the due date can pay the fees by an A/C payee crossed local  cheque, but the form will be valid only after realization of the cheque. The application form is given at the end of this prospectus. The details of the subject and the specialization sought for should be clearly mentioned.. Admissions to M.Sc program  begin after declaration of B.Sc.  results by  the University of Mumbai. Note: Presence of the student, at the time of admission is mandatory. True copies of the following certificates should be submitted along with the application form.
1.True copy of the certificate of place and date of birth.
2.True copy of the statement of B.Sc. degree marks (including FYB.Sc. & S.Y.BSc.) at University examination and H.Sc./XII th  or equivalent examination.
3.All the candidates claiming the reservation for backward classes should produce a caste certificate at the time of submission of application form  The .“Caste Certificate” should be in the name of the candidate and issued by the Executive Magistrate / Metropolitan Magistrate in Maharashtra State clearly mentioning the category of the student.. Caste certificate should clearly specify that the caste is considered as backward class in the state of Maharashtra, failing which, the candidate will not be able to claim for that category and shall be treated as  GENERAL category candidate ,  during entire admission process.
4.The candidates belonging to NT2, NT3, OBC,SBC categories should produce “Non Creamy layer Certificate” issued by a Sub Divisional Officer / Deputy Collector of the district in addition to the caste certificate. In case  these candidates are not able to produce the Non Creamy layer certificate at the time of submission of application form, such candidates   will be treated as OPEN category candidates. The “Non Creamy layer Certificate” should be issued for the financial year in which admission is sought.
5.Students belonging to Universities other than University of Mumbai are required to obtain a Provisional Certificate of Eligibility from University of Mumbai and then submit Migration certificate in time.
6.Attach your recent photograph in the place provided for it in the form.
PLEASE NOTE: The forms incomplete in any respect will be disqualified and will not be considered for admission.  The student will have to produce the originals of the above-mentioned certificates at the time of admission round.  Admissions for the vacant seats of the M.Sc.II, if any, will follow the same procedure as for the admissions of M.Sc.I.
Admissions for M.Sc. (By papers) courses in Environmental Sciences are given on the basis of the merit of the results of the Common Entrance Examination conducted by the Institute.  Application forms along with instructions for these courses are issued separately in the Institute immediately after the B.Sc. results are declared. The Merit List of the qualifying candidates will be put upon the notice board. The candidates will be interviewed and the seats will be allotted to the students on the basis of the merit and as per the Government rules applicable to the reserved category students.
Admission to M.Sc. (by papers) in Biotechnology - The students will be admitted to the M.Sc. degree Course in Biotechnology on the basis of the marks obtained at the T.Y. B. Sc. examination.
The Institute undertakes research programs leading to Ph.D. degrees of the University of Mumbai in the following subjects. In addition to CSIR/UGC fellowships State Government scholarships are also available. All Ph.D aspirants are required to appear for PET( Ph. D entrance examination) examination conducted by the university of Mumbai. The details about Pet can be obtained from Post-Graduate section, University of Mumbai at the fort campus.
1.BIOCHEMISTRY (Ph.D.) [24](Department recognized under the Funding for Infrastructure in Science & Technology (FIST) by DST) -  Structure-Function relationship of proteins; Biochemical study of Medicinal plants; Enzymes; Biochemistry of diseases; Food additives & adulterants; Bioremediation; Bioinformatics.
2.BOTANY (Ph.D.) [20] – Cytogenetics & Plant breeding, Mutagenesis, Molecular Biology, Plant Tissue culture (PTC), Ecology (Environmental Botany), Plant Physiology & Biochemistry Mol. Taxonomy.
3.CHEMISTRY (Ph.D.) - (Dept. recognized by UGC under the Special Assistance Program  [SAP] & also under the Funding for Infrastructure in Science & Technology (FIST) by DST)
(i)Analytical Chemistry [30] - Solvent extraction, Pharmaceutical & Environmental Chemistry.
(ii)Inorganic Chemistry [40] – Solid State -, Co-ordination -, Nuclear and Radio Chemistry,  Electro Analytical -, Environmental Chemistry, Solvent Extraction.
(iii)Organic Chemistry.[45] – Bio-organic-, Heterocyclic-, Medicinal Chemistry, Functional Polymers.
(iv)Physical Chemistry. [20] – Kinetic studies, Electro-Chemistry, Thermal methods, Catalysis.
4.MATHEMATICS (Ph.D.) [07] – Algebra  ,  Numerical  Analysis ,Computing integration theory, Discrete Mathematics
5.MICROBIOLOGY[06] – Medical Microbiology & Epidemiology, Environmental Microbiology.
6.PHYSICS [60] -
(i) Solid Ste Physics : Electronic structure of solids, Surfaces and Thin Films, Particle Physics, Crystalline & Non-crystalline solids
(ii)   Solid State Electronics:   Thin Film Physics and Techniques, Semiconductor physics and Technology
(iii) Electronics and Communication: Signal Modulation and Transmission Techniques, Microwave Electronics, Radar and